'Ziba' Award Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Ziba Kazemi
(...) Zahra “Ziba” Kazemi was a passionate, mysterious and adventurous woman who started her career as a photographer in her 40s. A woman who lived by her wits as a freelance photographer, she came into prominence as a celebrated photojournalist following her death in 2003.(...)

What is There to Celebrate?
11 February 2009 will mark the 30th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic revolution!
I cannot believe it has already been 30 years! 
Only thinking about these 30 years makes me cry. My heart is aching! There are nights I wish that when I opened my eyes in the morning, I could take a deep breath and say to myself, whoa, what a nightmare!  Unfortunately, what happened to Iran is a horrible reality! I am not dreaming! (...)

The Green Suitcase
It was the spring of 2003 when I finally visited my favorite city, New York. Before anything else, I went to the site of the Twin Towers.
Although I have never been unaware of the United States’s role in triggering some of the world’s largest calamities and catastrophes, I could not turn ignore the tragedy that befell New Yorkers on September 11th or cover up my sorrow. (...)