"WHITE ZONE" Peace Movement in Montreal

To follow PEACE MOVEMENT in Montreal gives me hope for the future. Since September 11, despite the US government’s efforts to insist upon RED ZONE alert, Montreal chose to live in White Zone with the overwhelming majority of its Citizens fiercely opposing any kind of violence and attack on other countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and … in the name of democracy!

Hundreds of thousands of people, on the streets of Montreal rain or shine, people of all walks of life, all races and origins, young and old, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist and more, obliged our government to acknowledge civil society’s opposition to war.

Montrealers did not put limits on their imagination to demonstrate the horrors and insanities of war.
The photo essay consists of all kinds of people who show thoughtful, eloquent and sincere statements by being present to echo their voice for peace. I tried to document the stories of love, hope, fear, frustration and pain through my images.
For most “Montrealers” peace is the only answer!

Montreal 2002-2003