Red Names

(Nahrassidand Az Marg)

By Amin Zarghami & Shahrzad Arshadi

This is a short video celebrating the legacy of thousands of women who lost their lives in Iran between 1979 and 1999 due to their political, social and religious beliefs. For Amin Zarghami & Shahrzad Arshadi, working on this video was an opportunity to pay tribute to the memory of these women-some of whom they knew personally-and grieve their loss. It is intended as a testament both to their suffering and to the political tyranny that led to their execution.

12 minutes / Beta / 1999

Shahrzad Arshadi, Amin Zarghami, Yassaman Ameri, Javad Sahebi, Keyvan Mahjour, Katherine Tweedie, Anoosh Sasanzade & many others.
Shahrzad Arshadi | video