Samjana "Memories and Resistance"

Shahrzad Arshadi | video

We spent about a month in Nepal from December 2006 to January 2007. We have been hosted by the All Nepal's Women Association-Revolutionary, the largest and most influential women's organization in Nepal, we have been walking for about two weeks with our hosts from mountain to mountain (according to Nepalese, there are only heels) passing and visiting many different villages during our walk. Most important of all, spending time with Nepali women; women who were part of a decade of people’s struggle and resistance against multiple forces, women who scarified so many things and lost so many loved ones in order to reach equality and freedom, and are still full of life and hope for the future.

A complete opposite to what we see in the mainstream media, a portrait of women as a victim, with no power, unable to even talk about improving their lives.

Samjana is a young Nepali woman, a member of All Nepal's Women Association- Revolutionary. She guides us through mountains and introduced different villagers and communities to us that we could learn more about real life and people in Nepal and also to find subjects to interview for our documentary.We spend days and nights with Samjana, who humbly guided us all through these difficult mountains, before to realize that Samjana is the one we are looking for.

“Samjana” means memories.

- Shahrzad Arshadi


The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto - OISE/UT June 2007, Toronto, Canada
Highlight and opening film for Centennial International Women’s Month at Marianopolis March 11, 2008, Montreal, Canada
Festival Accès Asie / Asian Heritage Film Festival Mai 2008, Montreal, Canada Centre Culturel Simon Bolivar Mai 22, 2008, Montreal, Canada
"Seminar in Global Feminisms", Hamilton College November 17, 2008, Clinton, New York
McGill University March 24, 2009, Montreal, Canada
The World is my Home: 9th International Exile Film Festival 23 - 29 October 2009, Gothenburg, Sweden

Shahrzad Arshadi | video

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Film review:
A documentary directed by:
Shahrzad Arshadi

Shahrzad Arshadi
Shahrzad Mojab

Camera & Editing:
Shahrzad Arshadi

Sandra Moran

Second camera:
Salah Hassanpour

Shahrzad Mojab
Manuel Rozental

Voice over:
Munu Kanel

Translation from Nepali into English:
Munu Kanel

Editing assistant:
Stephan Kazemi

Color Correction:
Babak Salari

Sound Mixing:
Shahrzad Arshadi

Sound Mixing assistant:
Setiz Taheri

Voice over consultant:
Yassaman Ameri

Artistic consultant:
Javad Sahebi

Shahrzad Arshadi
Manuel Rozental

Amir Hassanpour

Nadeen El Kassen
Salah Hassanpour

Translators in Nepal:
Solichur Tsonamgel Lama
Indra Lama

Translation from English into French:
Stephan Kazemi

French subtitling:
Stephan Kazemi