Squares in the Pavement

Since mid-September 2001, at the time that the US declared its "War on Terrorism", I began to attend the vigil against Israeli occupation with my camera, on a regular basis. As an Activist who participates in all Human Rights demonstrations in Montreal for the past year, it was an important time for me to document the people standing up for Justice and Peace. Being that the Media is so one sided, I felt the need to expose the unheard voices of those who want to live in a better world.

Why my 52 pictures are all portraits of people wearing the Kefia?
I used to live in a Jewish neighborhood, on Carlton. Going out one day, I put on my Kefia and walked out the door. I met up with a man who I often met on the street, accompanied by his 3 children. Instead of exchanging greetings as usual, he just stared at me in disbelieve, pulling his children towards himself. His _expression was of anger and hatred and I caught on that it was my Kefia that stunned him. I realize that the Kefia was a "symbol of terrorism" for some people and I wanted to prove the contrary by capturing portraits of people in the crowd, people of all walks of life like teachers, writers, artists, students, etc. All were wearing the Kefia. They were of all races and origins, young and old, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist and more. They were gathered to support Palestinian Human Rights, to oppose occupation and defend Justice and Peace!

Shahrzad Arshadi
September 2002