The Ghost

Based on the stage production of The Ghost by Rachel Gorman

A video directed by Shahrzad Arshadi

It was September 26, 2004 when I first saw a part of “The Ghost” while participating at an event called “Women Political Prisoners: Memoirs and Resistance” in Toronto. Everything about “The Ghost”, from Spirit Synott and Rachel Gorman’s performance on the stage to the music and story that inspired Rachel to create this piece, captured my attention. As a choreographer and dancer, Rachel draws on her skills to share the story and memory of a family whose members were active in KOMALA, an organization which is part of Kurdish resistance to Iran’s Islamic regime. By creating this piece Rachel captured a different portrait of the women of the Middle East for a western audience and, at the same time, accuses Iran’s Islamic Republic of murder.

As an artist, I believe that learning and exchanging knowledge about human beings, their life and history are the most important aspect of art. Making this video enabled me to document and pay tribute to the struggle of Kurdish women during past 26 years in Islamic Republic of Iran.

This is simply a memory from the mountains of Kurdistan!

30 minutes / Mini-DV / 2006

Directed and Produced by
Shahrzad Arshadi

Shahrzad Arshadi

Additional Camera
Debbie Wilson

Shahrzad Arshadi
Stephan Kazemi

Assistant Editor
Javad Sahebi

Choreographed and Directed by
Rachel Gorman

Spirit Synott
Rachel Gorman
Perry Augustine
Paulo Rap

Lighting Designer
Brad Treneman

Costume Designer and Construction
Michelle Turpin

Original Music Composed and Recorded by
L. Silveira

Shahrzad Arshadi | video

Shahrzad Arshadi | video